Quality Steel Spindle Repair & Rebuilding

Nation Grinding, Inc. offers a range of repair and rebuild processes such as outside diameter grinding, tapers, interior diameters, faces, slots, radii and profiles on an extensive selection of steel spindle types. The spindles are typically used in machining centers, lathes, and grinders by a variety of industries.

We use a special taper gauge to work on 30, 40 and 50 tapers with metal spray, ceramic, hard chrome and finish grind finishes. The products are from 12 to 100" long and 8 to 24" wide. We carefully monitor the part temperature to ensure and maintain the specified tolerances of up to +/-.000050".

In general, we need a 5- to 10-day lead time and have provided more information on our spindle repair and rebuilding services as well as the specific spindle types in the table below. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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Highlights of Quality Spindle Repair & Rebuilding Project

Project Scope
Steel Spindle Repair & Rebuilding
Capabilities Applied/Processes
OD Grinding, Tapers, ID, Faces, Slots, Radius, Profile
Spindle Types
GMN, HSK 63, KENNAMETAL, VTC 250/50, VTC 16/20, HF 6800-16K, V 65, FH 480-12K, PFH 4800-15K, 450-12K, 18M, QTN 100, 8CN-6000
Special taper gage
30, 40, 50
Tightest Tolerance
.000050 in
Material Type
Product Length
12 to 100 in
Product Width
8 to 24 in
Temperature Range
They check part temperature to maintain tolerance.
Material Finish
Metal Spray, Ceramic, Hard Chrome, Finish Grind
Coating Thickness
Down to 2 micro
25 to 30 per week
Delivery Time
5 to 10 days

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